House Concerts

“Live From Alcatraz” House Concerts in Half Moon Bay

HMB Jan 2013 sunset

Join us at our oceanfront home in Half Moon Bay, where spectacular sunsets and the sounds of waves crashing form a backdrop for the enjoyment of music in an intimate setting.

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Most Recent House Concert:

Quiles & Cloud. Photo copyright Emily Sevin Photography.

Quiles & Cloud. Photo copyright Emily Sevin Photography.

Saturday, May 3, 2014, featuring Quiles & Cloud

A Folk, Americana ensemble from San Francisco, CA founded by Maria Quiles and Rory Cloud in November, 2011. The natural blend of their voices and subtle weaving of their guitars provide an elegant framework for the dynamic, imaginative music they create. Their first studio album, “Long Time Coming” (produced by Steve Horowitz) was released in July of 2012. The Grammy nominated album includes 8 tracks recorded live at Space Hatch Studios in Oakland, CA between April 27th and 28th, 2012.

While the project primarily centers around the duo, the group now features Oscar Westesson on upright bass, and various collaborations with other artists around the Bay Area. The added textures are a wonderful compliment to the already rich and colorful sound that Maria and Rory have become known for in their live performances.

Maria & Rory first met in San Francisco through the songwriter circuit in 2011. They quickly found passion in working together, noting the immediate ease and enjoyment in the process.

Listen to audio here>>

Past Featured Performers:

Jenn Grinels

Valerie Orth

Marty Atkinson & Katy Boyd’s Blue Cactus Choir

Sweet HayaH

Emily Elbert

The Family Crest


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