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What does “Chinese Melodrama” mean to you?

What’s in a name?

I’m curious. We’ve gotten a lot of attention because of our band’s uniqueness, not least of which is our name, “Chinese Melodrama”. We have our own inside story of how the name developed (maybe we’ll share it here on the blog sometime!). But what does it mean to YOU?

Leave a comment and tell us what “Chinese Melodrama” evokes for you personally – images, sounds, memories, emotions, people, places, scenes, colors, tastes, textures, bodily sensations.

Good, bad, or ugly…We want to hear it!


3 thoughts on “What does “Chinese Melodrama” mean to you?

  1. The name “Chinese Melodrama” leaves me with the impression of an Asian American woman from a second generation immigrant family expressing overflowing emotions, frustrations, and occassional joys in the form of music, partnering in crime with a couple of others who either put up with her because they love the message or they love her. Regardless, the expectation is emotionally loaded music.

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