Just sayin'

Meet the Chinese-American parents!

Such great energy from the crowd last night at Angelica’s in Redwood City. The night was cool, the heatlamps kept us warm, and the good feelings were flowing…

My parents happen to have about a dozen friends from the Chicago area who, after working in the pharmaceutical or other industries for many decades, have now retired to the Bay Area. All of their children (me included) grew up together and share memories of our annual “Lake County Chinese American Association” picnics at forest preserves and Chinese New Year parties at the rented all-purpose room of the local Moose Lodge.

It’s great to see the parents so relaxed, happy, and learning how to enjoy life now that the “pressure” is off. All the kids went to college, several of them became doctors (haha), and many are married, with children, and doing all the things that indicate a parents’ job well done. Now that my mom is retired, maybe even she might start to chill out.

From the laughter and the looks on their faces in these pictures, I think they had a good time!

We definitely enjoyed returning to our roots at Angelica’s and sharing the evolution of Chinese Melodrama with everyone who came. THANK YOU for your support!

All photos by Mrs. Cynthia Jou.


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