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Loved St. Luke’s!

Wow, it’s not often that we get to play in a place with the acoustics of a 200-year-old church. But that’s what we got at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in San Francisco last night. Lisa’s violin didn’t even need a mic!

We also debuted an original song…a first for Chinese Melodrama! It was actually such a big day for us as a band, and we look forward to playing more originals (along with unique acoustic covers of our favorite rock masterpieces, of course…like Metallica’s “Fade to Black” above).

Every Sunday at 7pm, you can showcase your own musical talent and sign up to perform at Sunday Night Mic at St. Luke’s. Email sundaynightmic (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.


One thought on “Loved St. Luke’s!

  1. Cathy, this is Kari from YouLookFab. I was poking around on archive posts and somehow had missed your link to your band’s website. What neat original music, and I love your band name! How wonderful to play in a venue with perfect, built-in acoustics. I wish that I were within range of the Bay Area so I could hear you play in person. 🙂

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