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Announcing CoCo Cabaret #1!

Announcing CoCo Cabaret #1 – Coastside Collaborative/Co-Creative/Co-Empowerment Cabaret! A Conscious, Co-Empowered Conscious Community Conversation and Celebration!


We imagine a world in which each of us joyfully embraces the call to WAKE UP, GROW UP, and SHOW UP. To discover, embody, and celebrate our uniqueness, while holding a knowing of our connectedness to every particle-wave in our universe. We know that each of us is so much more than the roles we play, the jobs we do, and even the sum of what we’ve offered to the world so far. We desire to know and see ourselves in our fully expressed uniqueness.

We invite you to come dream, participate, learn, and play with us as we experiment with new ways of being together in celebration, creation, and generosity.

Bring an expression of your essential self that desires being seen, honored, and nourished by the warmth of conscious community and the spark of inspiration. You decide what gifts you have to share from your heart. Is it a skill you can share? Is it a recipe you can demonstrate? An exquisite seashell? A joke? A story?

  1. What brings you here?
  2. What have you brought to share?

We gather with these two questions in mind and our enthusiasm for each of us to be heard by the whole.

Note: We (your hosts) are artists and we are aware of the many venues available to perform in front of an audience. We are creating this space as something a little different. Where the distinction between being “on the stage” and “in the audience” is blurred. Where everyone has a chance to be heard, and there is less interest in “who stands out” than in “what we can create together” by showing up fully, generously, playfully, and without judgment.

We hope to discover unexpected connections, new combinations, and refreshing perspectives by bringing together our diverse group of friends and inviting new interactions with important strangers. We are just as curious about that silent listener in the back of the room as we are about the one who stands in front of the microphone.

Come play with us!

Saturday, January 31st, 2015
3pm to 7pm*

RSVP to receive our home address.

3:30pm Opening Ritual – each person’s voice is heard in a two-word check-in
Open Space for sharing and co-creation based on the two questions above…we will create the flow of activities from who shows up and what we have each brought to share. Please contemplate the questions and arrive with your intention stated.
Bring your gifts and your spirit of collaboration!
Surprise yourself, delight in new connections, and open to new possibilities…
6:30pm Closing Ritual – what will you bring home with you?

*We will apply the principles of Open Space Technology that say, “Whenever it starts is the right time. And when it’s over, it’s over.”

What We Value:
your unique self
intergenerational exchange
knowledge + skill sharing
jokes + laughter
food that feeds the body, mind, + soul
This is a generosity-based offering. Meaning, it is made possible through the generosity of everyone who chooses to participate. By reflecting on what you bring as your gift(s) to the gathering, you are expressing your generosity to the whole.

This will be a MONTHLY event through May 2015.

Questions? Want to RSVP? Email Randy and Lisa here.


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