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CoCo Cabaret #2 is this Saturday!

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It’s time for CoCo Cabaret #2 – our experiment in Collaborative, Co-Creative, Co-Empowered Community on the Coastside!

We open our doors to welcome in anyone from our community to show up in the sincerity of giving and receiving. What is your gift? How do you choose to share it? And what will you receive from the experience?

Our first CoCo Cabaret was intimate and powerful.

We anticipate each gathering to be unique. Just as each of us is a totally unique expression of life, never experienced before, and never to be experienced again, we value each moment for its freshness.

Our agreements:
1. Show up and be fully present.
2. Speak your truth without blame or judgment.
3. Play at 125% and be willing to expand continuously.
4. Take care of yourself and respect all.


We see life itself as creative. This is not about “being an artist” or identifying yourself as a “creative” person. This is an invitation to look inside yourself and remember the gift of YOU. We provide a space for you to share with us how YOU SEE YOU. Gifts include outer expressions such as a dance, a song, a story, a painting, a pot, a recipe, or a poem. Gifts also include your inner qualities of presence and how you see others in the room.

While discussion is part of the event, we are not gathered to find “solutions” to “problems” or to “perform” for one another. We are practicing a new way of being together in harmony with all of life and transcending right/wrong, good/bad, we/they, and other divisions of thought.

Come as you are. You will be appreciated! Are you ready to receive the massive love of who you already are?

This is a generosity-based event. This means, it is made possible through the generosity of all who attend. Consider what your offer of generosity will be as you show up.

RSVP to receive our address.


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